Opening “U’Marimotu” to Costantini Art Gallery of Milan

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The Sicily it’s s always been linked to the sea by hystorical and cultural heritage. The sailor slang is frequently used in coastal cities to describe events and situations not directly linked to the life on sea, this is the reason why the word “seaquake” (u’marimotu in sicilian dialect) become synonymus of overtourning, change and revolution, these words represent, now more than ever, the sicilian situation of today.

The sicilian humus it’s always been synonymus of cultural and social ferment, not only confined in the regional side but open to the national stage, giving – over the centuries – great talents especially in the field of art and literature.

Luigi Citarrella, Alberto Criscione, Roberto Rinella and Simone Stuto are the young Sicilian artists who characterize this first edition of “U’Marimotu” project.
This exhibition is a vibrant and contemporary artistic research without any technical conditioning, but simply based on Design and Conceptual aspects.

“U’Marimotu”, which was presented last autumn in Palermo, was born from the synergy between the Costantini Art Gallery of Milan and the XXS Art Gallery of Palermo.

Un Natale Ritrovato

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From December 8, 2016 to January 8, 2017, during the Christmas period, the first commemorative exhibition was held in memory of the Ceramic Master Giuseppe Criscione.
The exhibition was held in the church of SS. Trovato in Ragusa Ibla, a site dedicated to a permanent monumental crib, with sculptures from the Criscione’s art studio, realized between 2001 and 2012.
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